Hey so we had some people come into my school and talk to us about sex and they told us that if you have it too many times with someone that you're not married to it won't be special with that certain someone, and I just want you opinion


pretend sex is a cake 

u get ur first piece of cake 

mmmm so tasty this is so gr8 

the next day you’re like mmmm more cake

you have cake everyday that week

every week for months 

suddenly you’re like wow this cake isn’t so special anymore 

does that mean cake will never be special again??? nO!!!

you look up recipes online,

suddenly you’re making all kinDS OF CAKES 

you even make that rainbow cake, and a delicious one in the shape of a butt

bOOM you’re making different cakes everyday, you’re even making your own special recipes, cakes of every shape, colour and taste, each cake is special and exciting! 

some people might never get tired of that one cake, that’s fine

some people might not even want to try a piece of cake, and that’s fine too

some people like cake

some don’t

some people only like victoria sponge cake

and some people like to try a new cake every week 

and there are people who are in between 

and it’s completely fine 

do whatever makes you happy potato flowers

do you know what’s not fine?

shamming people for their taste or lack there of in cake

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